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Pearl Island, Memories Remain


It was a place where she arrived enthusiastically, nearly five years ago, as a newly wed, thinking about nothing other than spending time with her other half.

It was also a place where she realized that living faraway from family means she got to manage all things without any intervention, which was a good thing, but she’s not saying it was easy.

It was at that place she started her real journey of becoming a mother. Title first, (life-long) exams come later on.

It was also a place where a girl who knew nothing about cooking turned into a home cook and fell in love with the kitchen for the very first time.

It was at that place as well she first learned and felt the excitement of capturing (beautiful) homemade meals; helped by a little knowledge, some RM 5 properties, and (of course) countless trials.

It was that place; the atmosphere, the circumstances, which has forced her to have her own online diary and recipes catalogue – her passion.

It was also a place where she finally understood the true meaning of homesickness. And by saying it, what she really meant were the house, the family, the food, the atmosphere, the friends – you name it.

It was at that place, most of the little sunshine’s childhood memories took place; the apartment, the city park, the traditional market, the zoo, the harbour, the book fair, the restaurants, the beach, the train… too many to be named.

It was definitely a place where she and her husband grew up as parents, learned to fulfill the ‘trust’ that Allah has given to them.

Never crossed her mind. That she would leave the place that early, too soon.

Never crossed her mind. That she would finally step-out of the place for her own reason.

Never crossed her mind. That she would feel as if some parts of her heart stay there.

Never crossed her mind. That she would long for the place even on her early days back at hometown.

Never crossed her mind. That the hard yet beautiful and worthwhile days at that place would finally end.

Nothing good comes easy. The next hard yet wonderful and full-of-blessings days are yet to come, in other places. InshaAllah.image

“Be thankful for what you had experienced; even the worst of it, too, has shaped who you are today.” (A. Septiarani)

13 thoughts on “Pearl Island, Memories Remain

  1. I agree with the last paragraph, Nothing good comes easy. it’s hard, and sometimes, we give up before we get that, but the winner always stand until the end.


    1. Well, it wasn’t actually about winning. It was more of a self-encouragement 😄 You know, there’ll be no rainbow without the rain 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Mas Faris 😊 salam kenal..


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