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[EF #10] The Oxtail Soup Story

imageAs a good food lover, I always have this urge to explore food ranging from small booths, cafes to (sometimes) fancy restaurants. Back to my college-time memories, one of the unforgettable cafes was d’Risol. It was a place in Bandung where my love for oxtail soup grew.

It was a homey cafe because it was indeed a well-designed house converted into a cafe. Not only they provided fine food with reasonable price, but also a clean and comfortable musholla for praying.

It’s not without reason they named the cafe d’Risol. The featured menu was various kinds of homemade-risoles with the taste we would never find at other places.

In addition to that, since having risoles only wouldn’t make me full, I dared myself to order their Oxtail Soup. I fell in love straight at the first sip 😋

It was good. I mean REALLY GOOD.

In terms of food, I am kind of picky. Not the kind of person who can eat any animal-sources-proteins with bad ‘meaty’ or ‘fishy’ smell.

Well, lucky me! 😉 I couldn’t smell any bad ‘meaty’ or ‘beefy’ smell on either the oxtail or the broth. The oxtail was slowly cooked so I didn’t need extra effort to chew it and it has given the broth a rich yet light flavour. The soup was always served hot and they only used fresh vegetables. They even provided generous amount of fried shallots and slices of bird’s-eye chilli and lime as the condiment. A complete meal!

Yumm yumm! 😋

Unfortunately, after years of oxtail soup ‘addiction’, the cafe was closed several years ago. I don’t know why because as far as I know, it was one of the coolest places to eat and hang-out. No more warm-hearty super delicious Oxtail Soup 😞

Having said that, recalling my early years living in Penang, going back home to Bandung every Eid al-Fitr means a grandma’s made warm-hearty Oxtail Soup. She was at her 80s but still love to cook for her beloved grandchildren 😁

After a while, when there were no d’Risol and no Grandma, the craving remained. Living abroad has forced me to (do) cook things I could have never imagined. With a bunch of help from Google, a heritage recipe from Grandma, and a little love, turned out I can make my own homemade Oxtail Soup. The warm and hearty one 😉

Will gladly share with you the recipe on the next post! [Resep] Homemade Oxtail Soup 😊😊😊

P.S. If you’re interested, check out other recipes I’ve shared on this blog: My cooking 😊


This post is written as a submission for the 10th week EF challenge: “What is your most favourite Indonesian food?” The oxtail soup is one of mine, care to share yours? 😉 Let’s join the challenge through the official site: 😊

20 thoughts on “[EF #10] The Oxtail Soup Story

  1. what..?! they’re closing down d’Risol?! you took me there, gurl.. like yeeaarrs ago, but how come you didn’t introduce me to the oxtail soup? hehehe.

    btw, kapan atuuh ajak gw wiskul lagiii?? 🙂


    1. Really? I once took you there? Don’t even remember 😅 hehe.. Maybe because at that time we were already full of my mom’s cooking 😉
      Just visit me whenever you have spare time, I’ll be happy to serve! 😄


  2. A bowl of oxtail soup that indeed, full of stories from the past. I think the soup is already a heritage for you and your family. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
    And honestly, I never ate oxtail soup before, but surely I want to eat a full bowl if the soup were made by you :hihi. They look very delicious :)).


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