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[EF #7] Fly, Fly, Butterfly

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove is a picture of butterflies feeding themselves nectar from red flowers placed on a butterfly-shaped steel frame. Beautiful, isn’t it? 😉

The beautiful picture depicted a corner in Penang Butterfly Farm, Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia. It was taken during my little family trip in November 2012.

I chose this picture to be featured in the 7th week EF challenge because it was our first time visiting this 1st tropical world’s butterfly and insect sanctuary after almost a year living in Penang 😁

“The Penang Butterfly Farm is more than just a tourist attraction. It is set up as a ‘live museum’ to educate the public as well as a research centre to develop breeding methods.”

At first, I was not that impressed visiting this ‘live museum’. I was not very fond of (any kind of) flying animals especially when there’s a chance for them ‘landing’ on my head 😣😅


But then, I was amazed with how determined the provider manage this seemingly natural area by providing a kind of tour guide accompanying the visitors while explaining their visit to each of the life cycles of the butterfly, live in the farm. Starting from the eggs, caterpillar (larva), pupa, and finally the adult form, imago (butterfly).

I couldn’t agree more with the review from It is not only a nice outdoor place for having fun, especially for children, but also a place where the visitors would earn more knowledge and experience a one-of-kind site visit, where research and development on butterflies breeding were done on the same site.

Besides butterflies, this place also has insects sanctuary and souvenir shops selling butterflies and insects related souvenirs. Almost 30 years of operation has made this place one of the most popular attractions in Penang.

Just make sure you’re not afraid of flying insects and their friends 😁 hehe..


It’s another BEC weekly challenge! “Snap and Tell a Story” is on for this 7th week. Still having fun! 😊

29 thoughts on “[EF #7] Fly, Fly, Butterfly

  1. Indonesia also has this kinda place. It is located in Cihanjuang, Cimahi, Jawa Barat and usually called as Taman Kupu-Kupu. Maybe the park is not as big as in Penang, but it is good, too. They have souvenirs store, playground for children (with rabbit), and also food court 😉

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    1. I’ve heard about the Taman Kupu-Kupu, mba Nad.. But have never visited the place before..hehe.. 😅 The one in Penang is not actually a park, it is a “farm”. It’s not merely a place for ‘displaying’ butterflies, it has an RnD center inside the farm, managed by people having formal knowledge regarding insect and especially butterfly breeding 😊

      Btw, this Taman Kupu-Kupu in Cihanjuang has an outdoor playground as well? Hmm.. Indonesia actually has more in terms of biodiversity, the only thing we’re lacking is some serious support from the government to manage almost every potential (foreign) tourist attraction site, e.g. the good advertisement/publication, reliable transportation to reach the site, etc..


  2. Uuh, butterflies! How cute they are, flying in different colors but with such a short lifespan. They teach us many lessons. Sure, they teach us a lot. About beauty, sincerity, grace, and of course, gratitude.

    Ah, different from those comments that happen to share same place :hihi :peace, the only place I had seen a lot of butterflies was in National Park of Bantimurung Bulusaraung, Maros, South Sulawesi. I’ve been there on my field trip with high school friends. A journey that won’t be forgotten :hehe

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      1. Ah no, I am no philosopher Miss 🙂
        I just happened to read it somewhere before.
        You should visit it, its butterflies are very amazing 🙂
        I agree, our country is very rich :))


      1. interesting offer! i’m checking my calender as i type. and..naah can’t make it this time. i’m trying to make ends meet here. hehehe. happy packing!


  3. Never been there Andin. But I think I need to go there sometime in the future.

    Is there any cockroach there, though? If there is, I might reconsider it.


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