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[EF #6] Alter Ego?

This might be the hardest EF challenge for me. Seriously.

Not only due to its theme, but also the circumstances I have been in these last two weeks.

My lower eyelid was swollen due to bacterial infection and as soon as it was getting better, the upper one got swollen as well 😞. It was long days with eyedrops and eye ointment – nearly two weeks long. I couldn’t stand to stare at the screen long enough to write a post.

To make it even worse, my little sunshine Alma was getting high fever (twice) in two weeks time.

One night she was sleeping for an hour then she woke up shivering. Her body temperature was 39.8 degrees celcius. I was afraid that she might end up experiencing the fever fit (febrile seizure) but luckily I didn’t need extra effort to give her the paracetamol.

The next day doctor said that she got pharyngitis. The infection in the back of her throat was responsible for the high fever hence antibiotics was needed. Alhamdulillah, she recovered in 4 days time.

Exactly a week after, Alma got another fever. This time, the fever lasted for almost 5 days and we even went twice to the lab to do some blood check. Nothing wrong with the blood profile and the doctor said it was a quite severe virus infection. The only thing she needed was having her immune-system re-boosted back to the baseline of her optimal health.



Today, here I am. Writing (or typing) on my blog again since the last two weeks. Thinking about what I can write for this week’s EF challenge: Alter ego. My alter ego.

To be honest, I don’t think I have any.

As I wrote before in my previous post, when people see me for the first time, I was that ‘scary-not-friendly’ woman. Once they got to know me, then I was the ‘scary-in-the-face-only-but-actually-quite-nice’ woman 😁 hehe..

I am not that person who gives her brightest smile to everyone she meets (especially for the first time) 😁 However, when I am around people in my inner circle, I am the one with whom you can share a laughter until your belly hurts and you can share a pool of tears once you burst-out your problems 😉 Is that an alter ego? Hmm.. I don’t think so.

Whenever I have problems with anyone, I am the kind of person who’d rather stay honest and talk straight and get the problems solved right away than talk quietly behind someone’s back and be a backstabber.

Whenever I compliment others, I can assure it’s a decent opinion since I don’t like chattering that much.

Closest friends and family appreciate me for who I am and vice versa. I am the one who tries to be a good listener to people who matters the most because I need to be heard, too. That won’t work unless you’re being honest, to yourself at first, then to others.

All in all, I don’t think I have a second self or whatsoever so what you see is what you get (except for the scary face) 😝 hihi..


There. Hope this random post answers the 6th EF challenge from BEC. Check the official site for more informations regarding the Club: 😉

17 thoughts on “[EF #6] Alter Ego?

  1. Sakit mata emang nyiksa.. tapi smua sakit si emng nda enak bisa ngegangu rutinitas jd beneran bersyukur klo lgi fit :). Itu radang tengorokan ya alma? Klo radang emang panas banget badan pernah ngalamin juga. Ya smga kita semua sehat slalu aamiin. mbaSalam ya mba buat alma 😀


  2. Mba Andin, we’ve chosen the exact same picture for this EF#6 challenge! 😀 I don’t want to be a backstabber either and would prefer to talk straight too. And I’m being called arrogant for that. I couldn’t care less, haha. Anyway, speedy recovery, Alma 🙂


  3. Get well soon, Miss. Give your daughter my hello, and I pray that she will recover very soon, too.
    Ah, I think everyone has different persona whom he/she shown to other people :hehe

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