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ALLAH Knows What’s Best.. (part 2)

Two weeks after finding out the existence of the gestational sac in my rahim through the ultrasound, unexpectedly I got another ‘surprise’.. in a form of..

virus infections.

I found out that I got mumps in my nearly 7th weeks of pregnancy.

Yaa Rabb….


No wonder.. for the past few days before the symptoms finally appeared, I felt that my body temperature rose a little bit – thought it’s due to the pregnancy so I didn’t think of it as a ‘big deal’. And what’s more, the nausea – or what I thought to be the morning sickness, or the long-known-gastritis – was worsen. But I didn’t think – not even a little bit, not at all – that the virus would caught me.

Now that the virus has settled in.. I just don’t know anymore the real cause of the fever, the worsen nausea, and the headache.. whether it’s because of the early pregnancy, the gastritis, the mumps virus – or all of them.

It’s quite overwhelming…

Not only in facing the symptoms, but also in facing the reality… having infectious virus inside you while you’re still in the early pregnancy – one that you’ve been longing for 1,5 years. Not to mention, the difficulty to handle your own emotions while hearing the doctor said that, in the worst case, the virus infections may lead to early miscarriage.


I was speechless.. and burst into tears.

My husband said,

“Ini cobaan. Harus tetap sabar dan berprasangka baik sama ALLAH.”


“Aku sesuai prasangka hamba-Ku pada-Ku dan Aku bersamanya apabila ia memohon kepada-Ku.” (HR. Muslim)


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