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To My Dearest Alma on Your 3rd Birthday

Alma sayang,

Three years ago, we’re welcoming you with hearts full of blessing. You’re born in an induced labor after we’d waited anxiously for days at home since the latent phase of dilatation. Hence, I thank Allah who has sent us a beautiful healthy baby girl. Almost everyone, including the nurses at the hospital, said that you’re a calm, peaceful, and untroubled baby – that was also one of the reasons we named you Sakina :).Alma bayiTwo years ago, you’re 1 year old. Along your ones, the most important things to you were running and touching. You ran wherever you want to and touched everything covering your eyesight. I could not forget that meal time was the major disturbance to your exploring schedule. Lots of effort we put to make sure you’re well nourished.1 tahun Alma a

One year ago, we just realized that you had no clue how to talk while other kids at your age were a short-storyteller. Sadly, you did not even know how to call us and how to speak-up your own name :|.2 tahun Alma b

But today, you’re turning three. Not the kind of shy little girl we used to know. You love singing and dancing while playing your small guitar or piano around the house. You like to say ‘Hi’ to everyone you passed by and you count everything you see :).

One time you were sitting with us at the table to have a peaceful meal – but most of the time you’d rather me spooning your meal while you were busy building something out of your legos, or finishing your wooden puzzles, or colouring your books, or even doodling on papers :D. It’s lovely how you’ve been a helping hand when it comes to sorting out the laundry or hanging the wet clothes. You love preparing some play-doh meal for your doll in your own kitchen set :).

I will always remember that you said ‘No’ to diapers before sleeping and said, “Pake celana dalem aja, Bu”, then in the next morning we woke up in a wet bed :D. Riding on a mini-bike has been your favorite afternoon activities. Everytime we go to the market, you love to mention all the fruits and veggies you encountered simply because you want to shout out their colours :).

Baby Einstein’s videos made you ask many questions. Seeing me washing dishes made you wash your own plastic dishes, too. You know the names of all Pororo’s friend. Enthusiastically, you’ve been trying to involved in home-cooking using my chopping board and your plastic knife. In the bathroom, you’re afraid of toothpaste but really love standing under running shower with your small bucket 🙂

You love Raa Raa the Noisy Lion sooo bad that it makes you giggle – while you held Ayah’s hand sooo tight when we visited the zoo. You really love being read a book before bedtime as much as you love ‘reading’ it on your own with your own words. Upin-Upin has been one of your favorites when it comes to seeing them with Atuk and Opah, “Itu ada Aki sama Ibu ya” :’).

You like having me laying on the bed for you to examined with your plastic stethoscope as if you’re a real doctor, and the next thing I knew you brought me a glass of water, “Ini Bu, buat minum obat supaya ga pait” :’).

When I seemed to raise my voice tone, you decently said, “Buu.. Jan marah-marah dooong…” :D. You asked Ayah to change his clothes once he gets home, “Ayah pake baju rumah dooong”, hihi. You love to mention all the letters you watch in the Alphablocks :).

Few days ago, you amazed me and your Ayah for pointing ceramic plate and the plastic one and said, “Kalau ini bisa pecah, kalau itu enggak, cuma bunyi ‘Bok’ aja kalau kena lantai”. We were literally stunned :’D.

Yesterday, you asked me and your Ayah to hug each other, “Ayah, Bubu, kita peluk sama-sama yuk, Alma di tengah ya”.. :’).

I want to remember these ‘little’ things that’s why I wrote it down, although you won’t be reading this anytime soon.. 🙂

Still cannot believe the little girl you’ve grown-up into. Not in a ‘flawless’ kind of way but you’re just being you, a three years old little girl. Alhamdulillah. Time really does fly.

You’ve learned many things ever since, anak sayang. Bubu and your Ayah, have definitely learned more about ourselves as we raised you. Many things have changed but our prayer for you remains the same, “Semoga sehat ya, Nak.. Jadi anak yang sholehah, pintar, berbakti, dan bermanfaat. Aamiin..”

With lots of love,

Bubu and Ayah


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2 thoughts on “To My Dearest Alma on Your 3rd Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday my little darling :-* semoga Alma sehat selalu, sholehah, ceria, pintar, berbakti pada orang tua! you really have grown to be a cute, smart big gurl! Love you, Dearest Alma :-*


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