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[EF #4] The Two Me’s

This is probably my craziest thought, ever.

To be able to clone myself. Having the other me.


Maybe I could borrow some kind of device from Doraemon’s magic pocket. A cloning device. One that he has used to clone Shizuka on the movie.

Unfortunately, I failed to find the device’s picture on the net. So let me just make it up.

The device would be a white-ovale-shaped-2 m-tall-capsule. It would have two doors, one at front as the entrance, and the other one at the back where me and the resulting clone come out: Two me’s.

Having two me’s would be so much help.


One me’s doing the dishes, while other me’s reading a book to my little sunshine Alma.
One me’s doing all the cooking, while other me’s preparing morning smoothie.
One me’s cleaning up the house, while other me’s having her ‘me time’ at the hair-salon.
One me’s doing all the laundry, while other me’s writing a blog post.
One me’s eating meal peacefully, while other me’s cleaning Alma up at the bathroom.
One me’s going to the movies with beloved husband, while other me’s at home taking care of Alma.
One me’s interacting in social media, while other me’s bicycling at the park with Alma.
One me’s ironing all the clothes, while other me’s having a romantic dinner with lovely husband.
One me’s with Alma creating miniature of fruits out of Play-doh, while other me’s going to the market.
One me’s going window-shopping with some besties, while other me’s cleaning up the fridge.
One me’s taking a long-peaceful-shower, while other me’s accompanying Alma ‘stimulating’ her fine motor skill by doing cut-and-stick.
One me’s making up the bed, while other me’s resting on the couch.
One me’s taking pictures of homemade food, while other me’s playing doctor-patient with Alma.
One me’s sweeping the floor, while other me’s sleeping peacefully.

Daydreaming in one afternoon after a tiring-hectic-day has led me to this crazy thought.

How being a stay-at-home-mother means that you literally stay at home and doing a non-stop-routine. Having a (peaceful) time for yourself is priceless.


Would it be possible to make it ‘two'(-wenty people)? 😁


This post is submitted as a part of weekly challenge on BEC, Blog English Club. The challenge is called English Friday and we’re still having fun at this 4th week 😄 Interested in joining the challenge? You’re just one click away to the club’s official site: 😊

22 thoughts on “[EF #4] The Two Me’s

    1. Really? Never thought someone would think that way.. Mind your words, dear.. I assume either you’re not married yet or have no child yet.. Once you’re a mother, you’ll have a clue – how it feels like to be that ‘one person’ defined in the picture.. 😉


    1. To me, it’s about having more time for myself, Mba Nit 😉 Anyway, good time management has been my long-time-goal.. Masih jadi pe-er besar sampai sekarang 😅 hehe.. Ada tipskah? 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Mba Nit 😊


  1. Time management is always a struggle and it becomes more difficult when you have children. I find it helpful to stick to my planned schedule. It takes effort and discipline but once you get in the habit of doing it, it becomes easier, at least in my case Din.
    I’d send my copy to work while the real me would be at home relaxing, blogging and living a happy life. LOL
    I guess I can ask my copy to give me a massage too? 😀

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  2. hi, salam kenal 🙂
    kayaknya kalau dalam kenyataan kita lihat diri kita sendiri di depan mata, ekspresinya bakalan sama kayak foto Shizuka yang paling pertama di atas yaaa. hehehehe


  3. Mba Mikan, I couldn’t find more ‘reply’ button under your last comment.. Yes, Alma is recovering alhamdulillah but she’s not in her best condition yet. Hopefully she will anytime soon 🙂 Thanks for the kind words 🙂


  4. Hi Mba Andin… 😀
    Don’t know why, but reading your post, one thing running inside my mind. Wonder if it would be possible that the clone become the real one. LoL *too many SciFi I’ve watched*

    Nice Mba… if we can cloned, it would be easier for us to do anything.


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